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Ensure your website’s security and smooth operation with our WordPress Backup, Update & Security package.

Full-Service WordPress Package - Rapiddweller
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Backups to prevent data loss

  • Automatic WordPress backups so nothing can get lost
  • Backups include WordPress themes, plugins, media, and your database and are easy to restore
  • The backups protect you against server failures, human errors, hacking and more

Regular updates to secure website

  • Security-relevant updates applied immediately to protect against hacking attacks
  • Regular updates for plugins and themes on a weekly basis
  • In case of failing updates, we solve the issues immediately, restore a backup or guide you through solution options.
Update Cycle

Uptime Monitoring

  • Your website is checked continuously as we monitor the availability at least every 5 minutes
  • Issues can be identified and fixed before your visitors realize any misbehavior
  • Relax and let us respond immediately
Uptime checks

Content changes included

  • We edit your pages, add new images, upload media, and create job posts as per your request
  • Our package includes up to 45 minutes monthly for service tasks (theme/ plugin fixes) and content updates
  • Explore our WordPress full service now and let us get started!
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Frequently asked questions about WordPress Backups, Updates and Security:

Do I need to update my WordPress site? What happens if I do not update my WordPress site?

WordPress updates are released after security issues and bugs have been identified and fixed. Additionally updates improves the performance, add new features and assure your site keeps working in all major web browsers. If you miss to update your WordPress version, you expose your site to dangers and cannot benefit from improvements. The longer you keep the website out of date, the higher the chances that hackers can attach your website.

How often should I update WordPress?

We recommend to update WordPress, themes and plugins at least twice a month. Security patches should be applied immediately, though. The rapiddweller Update & Backup package takes care for all updates on a regular basis to keep your website up to date around the clock.

Is it risky to update WordPress?

If you are not updating WordPress regularly you are putting yourself at high risk. Updates can also cause errors and have to be tested carefully. We recommend to test theme updates (but not limited to it) carefully on a staging environment. In our full-service package there is no need to worry about any risks.

How to update WordPress? What is the correct order to update WordPress Core, plugins and themes?

Take a backup first.Then deactivate Caching plugins. Following rapiddweller recommends to update plugins and themes to reduce the risk of conflicts and errors. The WordPress Core should be updated as final step.

What is Uptime Monitoring?

Uptime monitoring is the process of constantly checking that your site is up and running in an automated way 24/7. In the rapiddweller Update & Backup package we check your WordPress site every 5 minutes and get alerted whenever there is any downtime. The uptime monitoring allows us to fix issues before your visitors realise them.

Should I backup my WordPress website?

Backups are always necessary and very important. Having a backup protects you against server failures, database failures, hacking attacks, viruses, failing updates or just human errors. Backups should be created on a regular basis and additionally if updates are performed or changes are applied to allow an immediate restore to a previous state. The backup frequency

What are content changes in the WordPress Backup, Update & Security package?

Content changes in our full service package are any content-related changes that need to be applied to your website. This may include page edits, creating of job postings, PDF files uploads, images additions or replacements, link updates and much more.

What is the WordPress Backup, Update & Security package?

The WordPress Backup, Update & Security package is a full-service offer for your WordPress website. The rapiddweller team takes care for backups and updates and assures the security of your website by continuous monitoring. Additionally, content changes may be performed within the monthly budget of 45 minutes.

Effortless Website Care: Secure, Updated, and Enhanced with Our Full-Service WordPress Package

Take our full-service WordPress Backup, Update & Security package to lean back and keep your website safe and up to date.

WordPress and your themes and plugins require ongoing updates that we apply and test carefully to assure your website keeps running smoothly and without any interruptions. You will benefit from new features and performance improvements.

Our uptime monitoring of your website checks continuously for potential issues and attacks. Your website is fixed before visitors realize any misbehavior.

Content updates, image replacements, and more are included as a bonus.

Let us take care of your WordPress.